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VietMD/Wynn Medical Center
Pre-Health Club

Are you interested in becoming a healthcare provider?
We are happy to provide aspiring pre-health students with shadowing and mentorship from dedicated healthcare providers at Wynn Medical Center (WMC) Clinics. WMC has a multi-disciplinary team including physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and physical therapists for you to learn from. 
















High school or college students interested in becoming physicians (MD/DO), PA, NP, PT, or PharmD

Curriculum and Activities
- Monthly online/offline with club coordinator and invited guests (MD/DO/PA students/residents or attending) regarding application process, careers in healthcare, or tips on writing personal statements. 
- Shadowing a provider at WMC clinics. 
- Meet one-to-one with attending physicians/PA/NP /PharmD/PT for letters of recommendation to professional schools.
- Opportunity to participate in clinical research at WMC. 
- Participate in Medical English teaching activities at VietMD, a US non-profit organization, dedicated to teaching Medical and Doctors in Vietnam. Currently, is working with the US Embassy in Vietnam teaching Medical English to students/doctors.
- Networking/mentoring with other club members

Where did WMC Interns go?
- Albany Medical College (MD program)
- Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (DO program)
- University of Nebraska (MD program)
- University of Toledo (MD Program)
- University of Southern California (PharmD program)
- University of Pacific (PharmD program)
- West Coast University (BSN/RN program)
- Western University (PharmD program)

For more information, contact VietMD/WMC Pre-health Club President
Ms. Tammy Do

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