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Welcome to Advanced Medical English (AME) Courses

VietMD is pleased to offer AME Courses Health Professionals (medical students, doctors, nurses). Successful learners will be able to obtain a certificate from VietMD at the end of the course. 


I. General Information:

Students enrolled in AME courses are expected to have proficiency in English at the level equivalent to TOEFT iBT 50, IELTS 5.0, or level A.  You can test your English skills online by British Council. 

AME Courses are managed online via state-of-the-art BlackBoard platform (common online learning tool at North American Universities) at 

Students and Instructors will be invited to our online tool via email. 


II. Current AME Courses:
#Medical Speaking (Communication Skills for Vietnamese Health Professionals) MS100 and 200

MS100 is for medical students and AME200 is for medical graduates (Doctors, Residents, Interns)


MS100 and MS200 aim to introduce you to key concepts in communicational and interpersonal skills in practical Medical English. Absorbing and applying these skills in your practice will help you to communicate effectively and respond to the unprecedented and accelerating demand for medicine in the 21st century.


MS100 and 200 will be meeting regularly in small size class at our affiliated sites in Vietnam.  Currently, we have locations in Hochiminh City, Vietnam. 

Recommended Textbooks:

Communication in English for Vietnamese Healthcare Professionals by Dr. Dinh Van Nguyen, VietMD AME instructor. This book can be purchased at AME100 and ME200 students are eligible to have a free electronic copy of this book. 

To apply for MS courses, please contact our course coordinator Ms. Leah Le at

#CS100 (USLME Step 2 CS)
CS100 aims to teach you USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Medical English and help you pass the exam. This course is intended for people planning to take USMLE Step 2 in the US.


To learn about the course requirements, instructors, curriculum, and fee, please take a look at MS Course Brochure


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