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VietMD University School of Health Sciences (VU-SHS) is a non-profit educational institution committed to delivering exceptional healthcare education and training. This page provides comprehensive insights into the organizational framework, academic offerings, faculty composition, student demographics, admission prerequisites, curriculum design, accreditation pursuits, funding streams, partners, benefactors, and collaborative initiatives of VU-SHS.

Established in 2024, VietMD University builds upon the extensive teaching experience of faculty. Our university aspires to attain full accreditation from both regional and national accreditation bodies, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to the highest standards in academic excellence.

Academic Programs
Medical English (Online, Basic and Advanced Levels)
Medical Assistant (hybrid)

Pharmacy Technician (hybrid)
Certified Nurse Assistant (hybrid)


Affiliated Clinical Teaching Sites
Wynn Medical Center Internal Medicine Clinic
Wynn Medical Center Physical Therapy Clinic
Wynn Medical Center Pediatrics Clinic
986 Pharmacy in Rosemead, El Monte, and San Gabriel

Organizational Structure

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction, governance, and financial stability of VU-SHS. Members include healthcare experts, educators, community leaders, and philanthropists.

Founding Faculty
Huynh Wynn Tran, MD, FACP (California, USA)
Ken Thai, PharmD, APP (California, USA)
Minh Do, MD (Texas, USA)
Dinh Nguyen, MD, RN, BSN (Ottawa, Canada)
Brian Nguyen, DO, RN (Texas, USA)

Phi Hung Vuong Nguyen, PhD (Seattle, USA)
Sean Nguyen, PT (California, USA)
Andy Nguyen, PT (California, USA)
Vinh-Quan Nguyen, MD, PhD (Zurich, Switzerland)
Nhi Truong, MS, (Floria, USA)
Hung Vo, MD (Massachusett, USA)
Sara Trinh, MD (Wiconsin,  USA)
Helen Tran, DO (California, USA)
Phuong Le, PharmD, APP (California, USA)

Administrative Staff
Tammy Do 

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