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Thank You for Your


Dear Guest Instructors,

Thanks for your genuine interests in helping our students. Your expertise and enthusiasm drive AME Courses successfully.

General requirements to become a guest instructor:


  1. Has dedications to teach medical students and residents and is committed to coming to classes at least three times during a course

  2. Holds a current valid license to practice a health profession in the US, Canada, or Australia. Guest instructor who is American physican should hold unrestricted medical license and is American Board Medical Specialties certified/eligible.

  3. Has recent/current teaching experiences in clinical setting

  4. Will comply with VietMD teaching policies and standards


Other guidelines for teaching at VietMD AME:


  • We are utilizing software for Online Teaching and VietMD conferences. Please see Guide to Zoom Webinar (by Dr. Dean Nguyen) to familiarize yourself with the software. You will need a high-speed internet computer with a webcam, microphone, and a quite place. Most current laptops have these built-in functions.You do not need to install any new software to your computer. 

  • The online lecture usually lasts 1 hour and 15-30 minutes for discussion. Lectures are usually conducted in the weekend (Saturday or Sunday) at 9 PM New York Time (8 AM next morning Vietnam Time). 

  • We ask our guest instructors to take the free online course from the University of Toronto Health Professional Teaching Skills at EDx. All VietMD AME staff instructors have taken these courses to strengthen their teaching skills. 

  • Guest instructors are expected to give feedback at the end of the lecture.

  • AME Courses are managed online with Coursesites (BlackBoard) at






























Thanks again for helping our students. Please email us at if you have any suggestions. 

VietMD Team



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