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Teaching Team

Dr. Tran is postdoctoral fellow in rheumatology at the University of Southern California In Los Angeles. He has extensive experience in teaching medical students, interns, residents, and participate in rheumatology/ dermatology research and clinical practice. Dr. Tran is CEO/Founder of

Dr. Do practices internal medicine/ geriatrics in Dallas, Texas. He was trained as OB/GYN infertility specialist in Vietnam prior to coming to US. He is VietMD Director of Education. Dr. Do is interested in medical education and teaching medical students/doctors in Vietnam.

Dr. Nguyen was an anesthesiologist in Vietnam prior to coming to Canada. He earned his BSN and practiced as an RN in Canada. He published a book on Medical English for Vietnamese Health Professionals. Dr. Nguyen is compassionate about teaching medical students and residents.

Trish Te, DO

Dr.Te is a postdoctoral fellow in Cardiology at Christi Corpus Medical Center in Texas. She also works an attending hospitalist and Emergency Physician at a local hospital.

Dr. Te is interested in interventional cardiology. 

Long To, PharmD, BCPS

Dr. To is a specialized pharmacist in cardiology.. He is the program director of Pharmacotherapy Pharmacy Residency at Henry Ford Health System. He has experiences in teaching medical and pharmacy students/residents Dr. To is also VietMD Director of Pharmacy.

Dean Dinh Nguyen, MD, BSN, RN

Huynh Wynn Tran, MD, DPD

Minh Do, MD

Other Instructors
  • Dr. Dong Dang, MD, PharmD, Sleep Medicine Fellow at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA

  • Dr. Huy Phan, MD, Cardiologist at Cho Ray Hospital, HCMC, Vietnam

  • Dr. Tuong Vu Nguyen, MD Neurosurgeon at Cho Ray Hospital, HCMC, Vietnam

  • Dr. Tony Toan, DO, psychiatrist in California, USA


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