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Board of Directors:  

Huynh Wynn Tran, MD, FACP (Los Angles, USA)
Minh Do, MD (D
allas, USA)
Dean Nguyen, MD, RN (Ottawa, Canada)
Hung Vo, MD (Boston, USA)

Loan Vo, MD, RRT, ACCS, NPS (San Jose, USA)
Sarah Trinh, MD (Madison, USA)
Helen Tran, DO (Los Angeles, USA)
Brian Nguyen, DO, RN (Dallas, USA)
Dong Dang, MD, PharmD (Atlanta, USA)

Long To, PharmD, BCSP (Detroit, USA)
Quan-Vinh Nguyen, MD, PhD (Zurich, Switzerland) 

Thuy Duong Tran, PharmB (Vietnam)

Tammy Do (Los Angeles, USA)
Tieu Van Phan (San Jose, USA)


President: Huynh Wynn Tran, MD, FACP
Vice-President: Long To, PharmD, BSCP
                    Minh Do, MD
                    Dean Nguyen, MD 
Treasurer: Tieu Van Phan 



To empower patients worldwide with knowledge for effective self-care and healthy lifestyles.

To treat or assist in any way possible with severe medical  cases in Vietnam and Tanzania.

To teach Vietnamese students and health professionals Advanced Medical English, USMLE, and Evidence Based Medicine.

To assist Vietnamese medical graduates and international medical graduates in obtaining US postgraduate residency and fellowship trainings.


What started as a US M.D. student tutoring a few International Medical Graduates on USMLEs has grown into a global non-profit organization with American board certified physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals across USA. We are a diverse team that has come together for one mission: to help Vietnamese medical graduates and patients in Vietnam, USA, and worldwide.


We believe a better healthcare built on empowering doctors with knowledge and enlightening patient with health knowledge. Since 2007, we have inspired, enlightened, and guided several Vietnamese Doctors attain residencies in the US and continue their dreams of curing people.

In 2015, VietMD opened a free clinic in Warren, Michigan to provide no-cost medical care for those who are uninsured and underinsured, especially who cannot access healthcare because of the language barrier.  We are self funded, meaning we raise the money to operate the clinic through individual donations, corporate and foundation grants and fund-raisers.

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