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As a non-profit corporation,, Inc focuses primarily on education and helping others. All management staff are volunteers. Therefore, operation will rely on generous support from people like you. Your donation not only help keeping running but also help other activities such as VietMD Free Clinic, helping flooding patients in Central Vietnam, severe pediatric medical cases in Vietnam, and keeping our visions alive.


VietMD will give you receipts of donations and they are tax-exempt. We currently accept personal checks, US dollars, and VND. We will publish a list of donors on website to appreciate your generosities. Please remember your generosity is more important than the amount of money donated. 


If you would like to make a payment for VietMD service, please use the Paypal payment method below or send directly your deposit for Chase Business (Account Number 797055519, Routing Number 072000326). If you are donating $300.00 or less, we recommend using Paypal. If you are donating more than $300.00, we recommend using direct deposit to VietMD Chase Account. 

Please note the process of transfer your donation from US to Vietnam will be deducted fees by third parties (not VietMD). Paypal will charge 3% for monetary donation. If your money is sending to Vietnam, it will be deducted for another 2-5% fee by the transferring agent. For example, if you're donating $100.00, Paypal will deduct $3.00, VietMD will receive $97.00 and send $97.00 to Vietnam. The transferring agents in US and Vietnam will deduct another $2.00-$6.00, leaving $92.00 left to be finally send directly to your recipient. For comparison, American Red Cross, for example, is sending about USD $0.90 for every $1.00 they received. does not deduct any amount in your donation. 


Please click on the link below to donate/make a payment via Paypal or us at, Pho Bolsa TV, and other private and public organizations, are seeking donations for people due to the Deadly Floods in October 2016, Central Vietnam. Recent news reports up to 20 dead found, thousands of people are injured and in danger due to hungry, contamination, and poor hygiene., Pho Bolsa TV, và các tổ chức tư nhân và xã hội, các mạnh thường quân, kêu gọi đóng góp cho bà con trong cơn lũ thương tang ở Miền Trung tháng 10 vừa qua. Qúy vị click vào Donate phía trên để đóng góp. Chúng tôi sẽ cập nhật danh sách đóng góp thường xuyên tại đây. 

Hình ảnh sau cơn lũ cho anh Trần Phước Hoà, nhóm thiện nguyện Vòng Tay Nhân Ái cung cấp tại vùng lũ xã Tiến Hoá, Quảng Trị, Việtnam. Các hình ảnh khác lấy từ Internet. 



Donation for people in deadly floods Central Vietnam 

Donation for Pediatric Patients is seeking donations from generous donors to fund severe pediatrics conditions.

1. Nhi Nguyen from Hanoi, 17 year old girl with multi-drug resistant Tuberculosis (Click HERE to know more details about Nhi Nguyen's condition). Even though the medication to treat tuberculosis (Rifampin) is free in Vietnam, the medication only comes in adult dosage regimen. Since Nhi Nguyen is physically still considered a pediatric patient, the free Rifampin dosage offered is not appropriate for her treatment. Therefore, we are raising money for her treatment with a more effective medication dosage regimen and for her hospital fee.

2. Nhi Tran, from Quang Ngai, 11 year old girl with congenital recto-vaginal fistula. She was born with a defect in both digestive and reproductive systems. As Nhi Tran reached puberty, the fistula prevented her to have a normal life. VietMD has worked with the pediatric surgeon in Vietnam to evaluate her case and seeking surgical treatment if needed. 

3. Quy Nguyen, from Quang Tri, 4 year old boy, with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency. Quy was evaluated by both Vietnamese and US physicians. He needs Bone Marrow Transplant to survive. VietMD works in conjunction with Youth and Hope Foundation (Dr. Dusin Nguyen is the Founder) and other organizations to fund raise this case.

These  severe case only made possible though through your generous donation. Any support is highly appreciated by, the patients, and their families.


We will be updating our list of donors frequently on VietMD Facebook Page.

Donation for VietMD Free Clinic

VietMD Free Clinic's mission is to provide no-cost medical care to the medically uninsured or non-English speaking Vietnamese patients. The purpose is limited to those activities that are permissible for a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization as specified by the Internal Revenue Code.

We provide primarily non-emergency maintenance care of chronic illness, do checkups, provide lab testing, and provide benefits counseling.

Donations from community members, organizations, and businesses are what allow us to continue to provide free, accessible health care to people in need. If you are interested in donating medical supplies, computer equipment, or general office supplies, please call us at


For more information about VietMD Free Clinic, CLICK HERE

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